At the first CFTC tech advisory meeting, decentralised finance will be discussed.

The bank regulator’s advisory meeting will feature a panel that will “examine concerns in decentralised financing.”

At an upcoming meeting of its tech committee, the US commodities regulator plans to examine decentralised finance in-depth and has invited representatives from the cryptocurrency sector to speak.

The Technology Advisory Committee meeting on March 22 will feature a panel on “problems in decentralised finance,” the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) said on March 1.

Additional panels will discuss the ethical development of artificial intelligence (AI), potential risks associated with AI, and cybersecurity risks to financial markets.

The panel has the chance to “look behind labels and evaluate the concerns raised by DeFi thoroughly and holistically,” according to CFTC commissioner Christy Goldsmith Romero in a statement.

The ongoing policy talks in Washington, D.C., and outside the beltway, will benefit from a discussion of DeFi, including cyber risks, indicators of “decentralisation,” digital identification, and unhosted wallets.

The panel will have talks that give an overview of the DeFi ecosystem and talk about noncustodial crypto wallets, decentralization challenges, digital identity, and attacks.

Executives from cryptocurrency businesses such as Fireblocks, a custody platform for cryptocurrencies, Trail Of Bits, a security startup, Terranet Ventures, and the blockchain intelligence firms TRM Labs and Metrika are scheduled to speak at the summit.

The conference agenda’s inclusion of a session on blockchain and cryptocurrency is another step in its quest to establish regulatory jurisdiction over cryptocurrencies.

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