This year, 36% of the top 1,000 cryptocurrency projects stopped blogging.

According to a research report released by blockchain marketing agency Guerilla Buzz on May 1st, 35.8% of the top 1,000 cryptocurrency projects, which encompass both crypto companies and individual tokens, have failed to publish any new written content on their respective websites in 2023.

Blockchain marketing agency Guerilla Buzz, whose clients include CoinGecko and crypto exchange AAX, has found that a remarkable 35.8% of the top 1,000 cryptocurrency projects have not added any new written content to their websites this year, according to a research report released on May 1.

Additionally, the report discovered that only 49.7% of these 1,000 projects had published more than two new articles by 2023.

Guerilla Buzz researchers claimed that after observing how few crypto companies prioritize solid marketing foundations, the idea for the comparative analysis first came to them. Instead of prioritizing long-term organic growth, the majority of these businesses decide to concentrate their efforts on creating excitement for their token sales and choose transient growth bursts.

The research approach, according to the article, was simple yet time-consuming. First, researchers manually checked each of the top 1,000 crypto projects’ corresponding websites to see if it had a blog. From there, they evaluated the quantity of current articles and looked up the number of fresh blog entries that had been produced in 2023.

The blogging habits of the top 10 crypto projects. Source: Guerilla Buzz

Binance’s BNB Chain emerged as the top blogging contender among the top 10 crypto projects, with a whopping 59 newly published articles this year. Coming in second place was Polygon with 36 new blog posts, followed by Cardano with 12.

The free blog hosting service Medium emerged as the most preferred blogging platform for cryptocurrency initiatives, according to the study. The initial coin offering (ICO) mania of 2017 saw thousands of new companies launch over a short period of time, many of which settled for little more than a one-page website, a white paper, and lofty claims of a tech revolution. This practice is said to have persisted since then.

Notably, while Medium continues to be the preferred platform for many blogs about cryptocurrency projects, it might not be the best option for businesses looking for long-term growth.

Researchers stated that by utilizing Medium’s platform, these crypto companies are inadvertently promoting Medium’s growth and traffic, rather than their own.

According to researchers, the popularity of free blog hosting website Medium among crypto companies may not be beneficial for their long-term growth as it boosts Medium’s traffic instead of their own. This strategy may lead to short-term gains but may not be sustainable in the long run.

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